Fastloc® Products

PathTrack have developed a number of highly innovative GPS products aimed at the marine animal tracking markets. Different configurations are possible. Examples of implementations range from a purely archival device through to a 'self-sustaining' unit, that employs solar re-charging technology for continuous operation and low-power wireless communications techniques to recover data. The UHF link also allows the user to re-configure the unit without the need to recover the device.

In all configurations the device coordinates are calculated off-board by a local processing PC or remote server. On-board checking ensures the quality of the captured data during real-time operation

Fastloc® enabled devices for the wildlife markets are commercialised through our technology partners licensed products.


UHF Basestations

Solar-powered UHF basestations have been designed for radio-linked devices that enable the download of location information from the device in applications where the tracked subject visits an area regularly (e.g. a haulout or nest area). The basestation can be interfaced with a remote communications capacity via GSM or satellite communications, as suitable to the application.

GPS Ephemeris Logging Basestation

Need to process your Fastloc® data on location where it is hard to access the internet? This autonomous ephemeris logger can be used to record in excess of 4000 sets of ephemeris data at configurable rates. It is solar powered and housed in a water tight box to run in remote locations.
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Specification Options

Many different instantiations are possible driven by your application and integration needs. The following are some options for our implementations to date:
Regularly transmit data back to base, either via UHF radio to our local UHF base station or to a remote server via Argos, Iridium or GSM
USB charging
Reed switch system reset
UART interface with automatic level conversion
I2C interface for peripheral integration
Solar charging
Small solar panel for self-sustaining operation
Miniature solar cell for trickle battery charging
Patch, whip or chip antennas, tuned to your application
Immersion sensors - fresh and sea water