What is nanoFix™ GPS?

nanoFix™ is a traditional architecture GPS receiver modified to produce faster and lower power location data than traditional solutions.

The nanoFix™ solution focuses on minimising power consumption and GPS signal processing time so that very small batteries can be utilised in tag designs. Though it is not able to provide a 'snapshot' solution like Fastloc®, it is still significantly faster in cold start conditions than a conventional receiver.

Because nanoFix utilises off-the-shelf technology packaging is more compact - currently our smallest weatherproof tag design is 1g in weight!

The key features of nanoFix™ are as follows:
  • Low Power consumption in active mode after any length of time in sleep mode or switched off, enabling the use of small batteries with long time between charges and/or frequent measurements.
  • Fast acquisition time, even after prolonged sleep periods with no need for aiding information or long continuous tracking for ephemeris decoding.
  • Low data output per fix, for reduced storage and communications requirements
  • Lower cost

How can nanoFix™ receivers be used?

nanoFix™ can be employed in different configurations to suit varied application requirements:
  • As a peripheral integrated in a customer platform with other sensors and actuators. Current designs operate with a range of antennas, peripherals and interfaces
  • As an archival location logger system that is retrieved at the end of its deployment
  • As a wireless enabled logger that regularly transmits data back to base, either via UHF radio to our local UHF base station or to a remote server via Argos, Iridium or GSM

See the British Trust for Ornithology website for recent research using nanoFix™ tags on Nightjars: http://www.bto.org/science/migration/tracking-studies/nightjars

nanoFix Geo+
nanoFix Geo+ on a Sooty Tern