nanoFix® is a highly innovative solution developed by Pathtrack to produce the world's smallest and lightest weight GPS tags.

nanoFix® minimises power consumption without compromising on acquisition performance. Our power saving techniques allow us to use the smallest and lightest weight batteries in our tags. As batteries are often the largest and heaviest component of a GPS tag this allows us to significantly reduce weight.

Alternatively as our highly innovative approach results in power savings in excess of 90% compared to a traditional GPS solution our tags can produce a far larger volume of GPS data using the same size battery.

Currently our smallest weatherproof tags, which have been extensively field-proven on seabirds around the world, are just 0.95g in weight!

Key features of nanoFix®

Low Power consumption

Low Power consumption after any length of time in sleep mode or switched off, enabling the use of tiny batteries with long time between charges and/or frequent measurements.

Fast acquisition time

Fast acquisition time, even after prolonged sleep periods with no need for aiding information.

Low data output

Low data output per fix, for reduced storage and communications requirements​

How can nanoFix® receivers be used?

nanoFix® can be employed in different configurations to suit varied application requirements:

  • As an archival location logger system that is retrieved at the end of its deployment.

  • As a wireless enabled logger that regularly transmits data back to base, either via UHF radio to our local UHF base station or to a remote server via GSM

Field-proven packaging

Field‑proven with thousands of deployments around the globe, we have successfully developed products for the harshest and most challenging of environments, whilst keeping packaging weight to the absolute minimum.

Our tags have been deployed in the extremes of environmental conditioning; from the cold, wet climates of the Arctic and Antarctic to the unforgiving conditions of the deserts of Africa and Asia.

We have successfully developed an extensive range of loggers and remote download tags for operation in the harsh marine environment; ranging from 0.95g tags for storm petrels through to 32g tags for king penguins that are depth proof to 400m.​

Tailored Solutions

All our tags are custom built to order, allowing us to provide bespoke attachment options if necessary to meet the challenging requirements of this market.

With a wide range of battery and solar options available we can provide highly tailored solutions to ensure the tags we produce are the smallest and lightest weight possible to achieve your goals.

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