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Tag Specification

Minimum Weight 2.6g
Minimum Dimensions 40 x 11 x 6mm, plus whip antenna
Memory capacity ~60,000 Location attempts
Battery only capacity ~180 location attempts for 2.6g tag, significantly more with larger battery options
Solar capacity ~40 per day in UK summertime conditions for 2.6g tag, more with larger solar options
Programming interface Wireless programming via base station
Waterproofing All immersion proof, depth proofing also available
Packaging type Epoxy or Duraform PA plus epoxy
Maximum Depth Range of options available - up to 100m
Immersion sensor Can be used to avoid wasted power when bird is submerged - please enquire

Further Information

Base Station Options

We have three different models of base station for use with our range of nanoFix® GEO+RF tags: the fixed base station, which has a larger battery and solar panel. This unit is fully immersion proof and can be left in the field for extended periods of time in order to download data.

The mobile base stations come in white or black, and are ideal if you want to move around an area searching for your tagged animal. They are also immersion proof, but have a smaller battery and solar panel.

Technical Specifications
Base Station TypeFixedMobileFCC Certified
Maximum operational battery life (without solar)28 days11 days28 days
Daily solar required to maintain battery level (Good/mixed sunlight)2 hours / 4 hours5 hours / 10 hours2 hours / 4 hours
Dimensions (excluding antenna, solar panels etc)121 x 89 x 81mm108 x 58 x 37mm128mm x 83mm x 69mm


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